Fear of public speaking? 5 Tips to make Impact!

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Is it holding you back? When you present… when you give a pitch… when speaking in a meeting?

Do you sometimes get the feeling that the adrenaline in your body is not working 100% in your favor? It is time to tackle this issue, because an issue it is. It keeps you from being at your best. And we don’t want that.

How to speak with impact

Let’s say you decided to speak somewhere and it’s important to you. Well, if you know this upfront, there is no excuse. Is there? The question is ‘how’ can I be at my best? In my previous blog, about self-confidence, I already mentioned ‘you don’t have to be larger than life to be self-assured, grounded, and effective’. But you do have to find the way that works for you. Your way.

Define the perfect state you want to be in, next time you speak in front of an audience (a meeting, a presentation, a speech…). How will you achieve this state? We will talk on your full preparation later (you can get your free checklist on ‘how to persuade any audience’ here). For now let’s zoom in on the minutes before you start.

5 Tips and tricks to get you going:

  1. Music does the job

Maybe music is working for you. Music can work miracles. What specific song always gets you in this great state? If I listen to a certain Pixies song, I am completely energized on my way to the stage and you better get out of my wayJ. Get a shortlist on your smartphone, specifically for certain speaking occasions.

  1. Connect with yourself

Music gets me energized, and on the other hand I have several colleagues needing pure relaxation or meditation. That’s just not me, but maybe it’s you. Can you find your way to connect with yourself to find the trust you need? Seeing incredible results, it’s a domain I personally want to explore a bit more.

  1. Isolate the beast

If you have the opportunity, isolate yourself at least briefly. Maybe you know the building, maybe you went to investigate upfront,  maybe you can talk to the organization. Whatever it is: find a small room for yourself and pump it up! Be a boxer, move, energize and talk to yourself. Your moment is coming! This is not the time to be 80% of your best!

  1. Instant visualizer

Obviously isolation, music or meditation… is not always possible. What do you have to instantly get into your state? This has to be a powerful image to you, taking you immediately into the associated feeling. A certain photo of your family perhaps, easy to visualize immediately. It’s just there. Maybe it’s the poster on your wall.

  1. Instant touch and feel

And here’s my favorite. I call it ‘the object in your pocket’. Imagine you carry something with you and nobody knows about it, neither can they see it. Something small in size, but big in emotional value. Touching this object, rubbing it slightly through your fingers, uploads the associated feeling directly into your brain. For me, it’s a marble in my pocket. A marble from my boys. ‘I will do this!’.

Speak with confidence

Let me introduce you to Kenneth (I changed the name). Kenneth was one of my team’s high potentials, back in the days when I was business unit manager for a certain multinational. During a brainstorm session with the team, our CEO was kind enough to accept my invitation and joined us for more than one hour. When he left, Kenneth whispered me another idea. The very best idea so far. But the CEO was gone, and I knew that my high potential needed to upgrade some skills or he would never make the career of his dreams.

‘Make a decision’, Tony Robbins (quote)

If Kenneth would have spoken with impact, it might have changed his career instantly. If he would have… if he would have. There’s the key thing. Make a decision. Decide that this ‘not maximizing yourself to the fullest’ has to stop. Right now. Under any circumstances. Only then, it’s time to look at the strategy to follow.

We know that 95% plus of all people ‘suffer’ from the fight or flight reaction. As a member of the board of PSA Belgium (Professional Speakers Association) I can feel it too. It makes me a normal person. I belief that anyone can overcome this, and tune in on the best possible version of ‘you’.

Getting from ‘suffering’ to ‘here I am!’.

Take action!

Define the perfect state you want to be in, next time you want to speak with impact. How will you achieve it?

We will talk on your full preparation later (get your free checklist on ‘how to persuade any audience’ here).

So here’s my question to you:

How do you deal with the fight or flight reaction?

What are your specific tips and tricks?

Please share your value and share this blog, so we can all maximize our self and jump out!

To your happiness and success,


Founder of The Impact Academy

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